Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 i want to win +=+ LOVE YOU DIGI~!!!

Why I want an iPhone4 from DiGi?? I have read the announcement and also watched the launch during the iPhone 4 on television and also fanatic to read loads of coverage of the iPhone4. I like iPhone4 because of its features and which of these features make the iPhone4 one of the most anticipated products of the year.

I like all the new features built in iPhone4 such as Facetime, Retina Display, Multi-tasking, HD Recording and Editing, and a 5MP Camera with LED Flash. These features are the reason why I want to have an iPhone4.

I really really want to make video conferencing with iPhone4 with the new video calling or Facetime. I really want the person I am talking to see my face or let that person to see what's around me. The only way my dream come true if I get the iPhone4.

I really really want to see the new look of text, pictures, movies, web pages and email with high and sharpest display resolution of iPhone4. I love to watch movies but not on iPhone4 and keep dreaming about it.

I waiting for this features long time ago and finally Apple is bringing multi-tasking to the iPhone4. With multi-tasking I can switch between running applications without needing to restart each application, receive voice calls while keeping an application open, listen to music, keep GPS running all the time, and of course, complete tasks in the background. Really need this feature.

I love to shoot, edit and share video with other people and with iPhone4 the dream will become reality. I can edit the video using the iPhone4 itself and of course the very dreamy feature of me.

Although the megapixel is not the highest megapixel among other phones in the market but it enough for me to get quality picture using LED Flash, tap to focus and even can share using social sharing features.

LOVE iPhone!!! LOVE iPhone!!! LOVE iPhone!!! LOVE iPhone!!! LOVE iPhone!!! LOVE DIGI!!!!

Tabung Ayam